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10 Good Reasons to Choose Northern Cyprus

  • Great Climate: Enjoy sunshine 330 days throughout the year, with long hot summers and balmy winters.
  • Unspoilt Beauty: Often referred to as the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’ North Cyprus lives up to the highest expectations of even the most well travelled investors. With miles of undeveloped coastline, sandy beaches and breathtaking inland scenery - all waiting to be explored!
  • Healthier Lifestyle: A better climate is conducive to spending more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine or simply admiring the views. There is also an abundance of local markets selling fresh produce – all locally grown!
  • Lower Cost of Living: Lower cost of living means you can afford a better quality of life, making North Cyprus an ideal spot to live in. Investing in Northern Cyprus` banks can also be highly lucrative as interest rates on foreign currencies tend to be much higher than those in Europe.
  • Affordable Property: As demand for property in North Cyprus grows, so does its value. As Republic of Cyprus joined the EU, property prices in the South Cyprus can be double or triple compared to those in the North. Capital appreciation has been in the region of 15-20% per year over the two year period and shows no sign of slowing down.
  • Accessibility: It is now possible for visitors going to North Cyprus to freely use airports serving the South and then transfer to the North. The effect of this significant change in travel arrangements is dramatic, with over 18 UK departure airports to choose from.
  • Good Healthcare: Health services are constantly improving in Northern Cyprus and there are many doctors who speak fluent English. The medical treatments in the hospitals are free of charge.
  • Good Education System: North Cyprus boasts an education system of high standards and a selection of International Schools and Universities that attract students from all over the world.
  • Low crime rate: crime levels are very low in Northern Cyprus ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Home Away from Home: Driving is on the left hand side of the road as in the UK, and although the local currency is Turkish Lira, UK pounds and Euros are also widely accepted. In additional, the majority of locals speak very decent (if not fluent!) level of English. Relaxed and friendly, Turkish Cypriots are warm and hospitable and will always make you feel welcome.

  • What British press say about Northern Cyprus:

    ‘Kyrenia Harbour... must be one of the most beautiful sights in the world." Mail on Sunday 'You' Magazine

    ‘..softer beaches and more impressive monuments than any in the South.’ The Financial Times

    ‘...the North is the best of Cyprus, their stretch of coastline is beautiful...’ The Sunday Express

    ‘Northern Cyprus was as good as we'd been told; miles of untainted beaches lapped by clear blue water, superb weather, cheap prices. From the moment we landed... ...we were overwhelmed by hospitality. It was as if we and the Turkish Cypriots were old friends who'd been long parted.’ Mail on Sunday 'You' Magazine

    ‘...there is plenty to explore – not least a largely unspoiled coastline.’ The Daily Telegraph

    ‘Up to 4,000 Britons are estimated to live in Northern Cyprus – hardly surprising when you see the prices.’ The Daily Telegraph

    ‘Emerging markets, such as Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus, are growing in popularity as investors look to capitalise on excellent capital growth as reunification moves a step closer and tourism soars.’ Mortgage Adviser Magazine; Ft Adviser, Financial Times

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